Honda Partnership Network Event

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Honda North America Inc.’s Purchasing Procurement Diversity group recently hosted its Annual Honda Partnership Network event, Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at the Columbus Convention Center – Union Station Ballroom in Columbus, Ohio. Magellan Transport Logistics, Director of Sales Kip Douglass attended the event designed to create business opportunities for minority and women owned enterprises within the Honda supply chain.

“At Honda, our Supplier Diversity initiatives support the development of small, minority and women-owned businesses by creating opportunities to introduce themselves and their businesses. We look for suppliers who provide quality products and services at a competitive price and help us carry out our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
We strongly recognize businesses that are MBE/WMBE certified. Although certification is not a requirement to conduct business with Honda, it is recommended. Honda accepts the following three agencies for certification: Ultimately, Honda’s goal is to develop a relationship with supplier’s who are as dedicated as we are to our overall diversity strategy, resulting in ways to help us become more efficient in ensuring extreme customer satisfaction.”