September/October, 2017

Hurricane:  Transportation Relief Coordination

The Texas coast and parts of western Louisiana have been left in dire conditions after Hurricane Harvey. Two weeks later Hurricane Irma was charted as the strongest observed storm in the Atlantic since 2005 in terms of maximum sustained winds.  Irma’s path devastated regions of St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and Florida.  Lastly, behind Irma, Hurricane Maria arrived in Dominica as a Category 5 and Puerto Rico as a Category 4 hurricane.  Record rainfall has also been a factor.  The long-term consequences have yet to be realized as these areas prepare for recovery.

Jacksonville based, Magellan Transport Logistics has been intrinsically involved in the affected areas disaster relief activities.  Director of Government Affairs Shawn Thomas and Branch Manager Jason Harness facilitate active communication between carriers, suppliers, and customers.  This hands-on approach is imperative for coordinating short- and long-term recovery efforts. Magellan CEO, Tom Piatak, states “We have the best people working 24/7, both on-site and at our corporate headquarters to ensure seamless transportation services.”  

The destruction that resulted from these hurricanes is expected to make the 2017 storm season the costliest natural disasters in US history, according to a USA Today report. Even with recovery efforts well underway, it will likely take residents and businesses in the hardest hit areas months, even years, to rebuild.










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