Jacksonville Business Journal – Magellan Expanding Operations

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Magellan Transport Logistics is expanding its operations in Jacksonville, acquiring a 47,000-square-foot warehouse and hiring more 100 employees over the next five years.

Tom Piatak, CEO of Magellan, told the Business Journal that the company has seen rapid growth in recent years as it transitioned from providing mostly long-haul trucking to providing wholistic supply chain solutions.

“The freight has to move,” said Piatak, who noted tightened trucking capacity due to growing economic activity, relief efforts after destructive storms and regulatory changes. “They need a solution. That’s where we’ve been seeing a lot of growth, and we think it’s going to continue.

With its investments in Jacksonville, the First Coast has become Magellan’s North American Logistics Headquarters, Piatak noted. The new facility enables the company to provide warehousing, cross-docking and other solutions. It will also feature a reception area, meeting facilities, increased office space, a full industrial kitchen, a game room, sleep rooms, workout facilities and an expanded, dedicated logistics operation center.

Piatak has been hunting for a larger facility for the last two years after a friend in the industry told him that he regretted never buying or leasing enough space.

“That hit me hard,” he said, noting that he expects Magellan to grow into this space over the next few years.

The company currently employs 60, but Piatak plans to open new branches to give his current employees the opportunity to move up, he said. He expects most of the 100 hires in the next five years to come straight out of college or military service.

“We like to hire out of college,” he said. “That we can teach them how we like to do logistics.”

Piatak, a veteran, estimates that a fifth of his workforce are veterans, which he believes gives his company an edge.

“That’s a key differentiator for us,” Piatak said. “They have the leadership. They’re process-oriented. They don’t like to lose, so they find a way to win.”