Six Awarded MTL 2016 Summer Internships

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Higher education, in and of itself, dramatically reduces the rate of unemployment and underemployment. Yet, a degree is not a ticket that automatically provides a job. With surplus labor in the market, it is difficult for college students, often with little to no experience, to beat out other experienced job candidates. A quality internship can bridge the gap between college and career. Six interns applied and were awarded this experience provided by Jacksonville based brokerage company Magellan Transport Logistics.

Today, a content-rich internship experience is expected by employers, and more than 80% of graduating college students at the top U.S. universities have had at least one internship. Well drafted meaningful internships provide learning, growth and networking opportunities starting freshmen year or earlier.”

“It’s always interesting to see data regarding the hype about the Millennials and their work ethic,” owner Tom Piatak says. “Students want internships that allow them to grow, stretch and contribute. They want to be in a learning environment. When companies treat interns like an extra pair of hands or a fill-in for a vacationing employee without investing in the content of the intern assignment, this usually leads to a very unhappy, unfulfilled intern. At Magellan Transport Logistics we develop each intern assignment with documented details about the assignment, deliverables and key measurable goals.” Each intern is also assigned a mentor that ensures they are meeting each goal set.